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Elevating Law Enforcement in Police Drone Training



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LEDA is proud to partner with our Gold Sponsors to help push our mission to bring best practices, standards and great training events around the country.  Thank you to our Gold Sponsors for growing this vertical with us in the right direction!  If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please click here for more information.

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LEDA is comprised of law enforcement officers with a passion and expertise in aviation, both manned and unmanned.  LEDA specializes in creating a solid training foundation for agencies to build on with their UAS programs, at whatever stage the agency is currently.


LEDA instructors put on solid training  for agencies throughout the region to create best practices, safety management systems, legal updates, and law enforcement scenario-based training.  Members are also linked in with a large network of LE UAS pilots for questions at any time.


LEDA is proud to be sponsored by solid drone platform, software development companies and distributors that have a strong desire to support the LE UAS community.  LEDA is also looking to partner with your company if you have that same desire.  



LEDA was created by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers who operate unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS)​ in the public safety arena. The group was initially created by a core group of law enforcement officers in the Pacific Northwest area who wanted to convene and create a set of best practices and guidelines for the use of UAS in law enforcement.  

LEDA has grown exponentially over the last year to have over 1000 law enforcement agencies in the US and abroad on their member rolls.  We focus primarily on training conference events throughout the country, but also strive to create solid digital content for our members to use to build solid UAS programs for their agencies.  Our mission: To create and implement best practices and standards of training for the use of drones in law enforcement.

We take pride in the amount of knowledge contained within our membership and the passion for UAS among the group.  We are continually seeking out new information, new training and the best technology to accomplish our mission in public safety.  

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LEDA UAS Operations Standard 

LEDA recently released our UAS Operations Standard for teams to use to build their programs.  In it, we outline how and when drones should be used, how programs in law enforcement should be set up and also what we should not be doing with drones.  We recommend training hours and topics and also outline best practices for specific principles of UAS deployments in the law enforcement vertical.  Over the coming year, we will be releasing appendices outlining the specific deployment models for principles like tactical missions, crash/crime scene reconstruction, aerial search procedures, canine support, search and rescue and others.  click the link below to download a PDF copy of our standards document and please reach out with any questions!



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