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Are you a drone service provider that desires to utilize LEDA's best practices and standards of training for drones?  Are you a public safety drone training company that wants to be a part of the LEDA community?  We have implemented the Associate Member tier for companies and individuals wanting to join our LEDA community and learn and use our standards to better the community as a whole.  We have had so many requests from around the globe for the ability for non-sworn, non-government employees to join LEDA, and this is your shot! 


You'll get access to our instructional videos, our training breakouts, members only podcasts, equipment/setup page and most of our documents page.  We are unable to share all of them due to some case sensitivity.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this membership tier, but we would love to help you and your drone piloting skills improve and raise to the LEDA Standard!

To Join: Simply click the "Sign Up" button below to create a login to our website.  Once we review and approve the login, you can then come back to this page and click the button labeled "Become an Associate Member!" below and make the purchase.  Once you do, you will have access to the above mentioned side of our site.  We are also working to be able to include the ability for Associate Members to attend certain LEDA training events.  We will push that information out when we have the roadmap set up for that, which should be coming in 2024.  Thank you and let us know if you have any questions!

Associate LEDA Member



Membership for Non-LE UAS pilots/companies

Valid for one year

For Companies That Train/Instruct

For UAS Pilots that want to learn best practices

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